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Pitch Your Music To YouTube with Jamvana

Pitch Your Music To YouTube…

From playlists to Shorts, we’re…

Don’t Put Your Music At Risk

Don’t Put Your Music At…

As your trusted partner, we…

Should You Release Music on Friday: The Pros & Cons of Releasing Music at Week’s End

Should You Release Music on…

“New Music Fridays” are a…

How Has Music Distribution and Consumption Changed Over the Last 100 Years?

How Has Music Distribution and…

Music distribution is an all-encompassing…


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Pitch Your Music to YouTube
Pitch Your Music To YouTube with Jamvana
From playlists to Shorts, we’re dedicated to building surfaces and tools...
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Don't put your music at risk
Don’t Put Your Music At Risk
As your trusted partner, we wanted to take a moment to warn you about some...
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ANXY – Angger Dimas' Latest on Vana Records!
"ANXY," the latest release by the incredibly talented Angger Dimas, now available...
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How to Create a Professional Musician or Band Website to Reach More Fans
How to Create a Professional Musician or Band Website to Reach More Fans
Are you a musician or band looking to grow your online presence? Maybe you’re...
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31 Best Software Tools and Services for Musicians in 2023
Are you a musician looking to get organized? Do you need online storage and...
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15 Tasks-min
15 Mundane But Important Tasks and Habits Musicians Should Begin or Finish For 2023
Musicians are in a very fortunate position. They’re able to create art without...
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How are music royalties divided-min
How Music Royalties Are Divided Between Songwriters, Publishers and Artists
What are music royalties? How are they divided between copyright holders?...
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12 Music Professionals and Musicians From Orlando-min
15 Musicians and Music Professionals From Orlando, Florida Who Changed The Landscape of Music
In the early 2000s, Orlando, Florida was home base for some of the biggest...
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guide to royalties-min
How Music Royalties are Collected and What You Need to Know About Them: The Complete Guide
What are music royalties? Who collects them? Who receives them? How do I...
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