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Pitch Your Music To YouTube with Jamvana

Pitch Your Music to YouTube

From playlists to Shorts, we’re dedicated to building surfaces and tools to make it easier to amplify your music and grow your audience. Today, we’re delivering on your long-standing asks by introducing Loudspeaker, YouTube’s next-generation pitching tool designed for scale as we enable new multi-format opportunities across YouTube. Loudspeaker brings all of the current functionality of Pitch Music with some new highly requested features, such as Drafts, Bulk Editing, Flexible scheduling, and more! At Jamvana, we’re pitching daily from our catalog and securing placements on YouTube and YouTube Music. Sing up with Jamvana today and start gaining exposure on the number one streaming service. 

Keep in mind:

  • YouTube is under no obligation to place any proposed pitches submitted using this tool.
  • Your songs may be included in playlists other than those you’ve suggested in the pitch.
  • Playlists will include the most appropriate version of your song, like non-explicit versions, music videos, and more.
  • Get in touch with your Label Relations Manager for more info.


What songs are eligible to be pitched?

Partners with access to Loudspeaker can pitch their Premium Music Videos, Previews, and Art Tracks. 

To pitch a song for the Shorts Audio Picker, check that it appears in Search. If you can’t find a song in the Shorts Audio Picker, make sure that:

  • The associated Sound Recording asset has ownership applied.
  • The publishing rights information has been provided to YouTube.

Which release type should I select for my pitch?

Release types provide context and help place songs in appropriate markets and surfaces across YouTube. You can select up to 2 release types per song. Options include:

  • Previews
  • New releases: Less than 2 weeks old
  • Ongoing priority: 2 weeks to 18 months old
  • Catalog: 18 months or older
  • Trending/Resurgent
  • Anniversary
  • Reissued
  • Seasonal

When will my pitch go live?

 . We’ve replaced pitch windows with more flexible scheduling. Instead of pitching for a specific week, you can now pitch for a specific day. For example, you can request to start a promotion alongside a release date, or when a song is trending.

In which countries/regions are songs available to be pitched?

You can pitch songs for placement across YouTube surfaces in the following countries/regions, where programming and label relations support is offered.

BahrainNew Zealand
Bosnia & HerzegovinaNorth Macedonia
Czech RepublicRomania
EgyptSaudi Arabia
GreeceSouth Africa
Hong Kong/TaiwanSouth Korea
ItalyThe Netherlands
KuwaitUnited Arab Emirates
LebanonUnited Kingdom
LithuaniaUnited States

Is there a limit to the number of songs I can pitch for Shorts?

We recommend that you pitch no more than 3 tracks per week. These submissions should represent your top priorities, with a focus on short-form-video.

What determines the video chosen for a given song?

Our systems determine the appropriate video based on context.

For example, if a user is watching YouTube, we’ll surface the Premium Music Video. If a user is listening to a song in the background of YouTube Music, we’ll use an Art Track.

Similarly, we’ll select explicit/non-explicit versions of a song based on the context in which the video is used.

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