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How to Create a Professional Musician or Band Website to Reach More Fans
How to Create a Professional Musician or Band Website to Reach More Fans
Are you a musician or band looking to grow your online presence?...
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Tools musicians must have
31 Best Software Tools and Services for Musicians in 2023
Are you a musician looking to get organized? Do you need online...
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15 Tasks Musicians Should Complete Before 2023
15 Mundane But Important Tasks and Habits Musicians Should Begin or Finish For 2023
Musicians are in a very fortunate position. They’re able to create...
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Holiday Music Delivery Deadlines 2022: Get Your Music Distributed on Time
It’s that time of year again: Holidays! Our partners at...
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How Are Music Royalties Divided Amonst Songwriters, Artists, and Publishers?
How Music Royalties Are Divided Between Songwriters, Publishers and Artists
What are music royalties? How are they divided between copyright...
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What is a music distribution deal and do I need one?
Music Distribution Deals in 2022: What Are They And Do I Need One?
Is a music distribution deal necessary in today’s music business?...
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