Here’s Why Beatport is Worth Distributing Your Music to in 2022

Here's why Beatport is worth distributing to in 2022 Jamvana

Beatport is the largest online platform for DJs to purchase music for their mixes. With more than 450,000 active DJs on the platform as of 2019 and 45 million annual visitors as of 2022, Beatport is a great platform for upcoming (and established) DJs and producers to distribute their music.

In this article we’re going to go over what Beatport is, why it’s important for DJs and producers, and how you can get your music onto the platform for cheap and easily. 

What is Beatport? 

Beatport is the number one EDM digital service provider for the best dance musicians in the electronic music scene. It was founded in 2004 and is now owned by LiveStyle. They have offices in Denver, Los Angeles, and Berlin.

In 2019, the company announced a joint venture with DJcity to create Beatsource, a digital music retail platform for open-format DJs. The integration of DJcity’s promo tools provide artists the ability to promote their music within Beatsource to expand their fan bases even further. 

According to Music Business Worldwide, Beatport had 450,000 active DJs and 35 million unique visitors per year at the time of this acquisition.

Beatport new releases section 2022

Why should I distribute my music to Beatport?

Beatport is a heavy hitter when it comes to digital service providers for dance musicians. Since they launched in 2004, independent dance music labels have received more than $300 million in royalties.

It’s worth noting that the focus of Beatport is different from other major digital service providers like Spotify and Apple Music. Their aim is more consumer focused, while Beatport is targeted at DJs looking to get the hottest dance track added to their set.

Live music is returning, and dance music is predicted to have one of the largest comebacks in music. 

Club goers will be out in record numbers as live music and events swiftly return. In fact, David Guetta, one of the most successful DJs and producers of all time, said, “I think the next few years will be the best years for dance music in history.” 

DJs will play out their newly discovered tracks from Beatport in the clubs, and people will Shazam, which is owned by Apple, these tunes to add them to their own personal playlists. 

Shazam surpassed 1 billion Shazams per month in June 2021. That’s a lot of new music being discovered, and it’s only going to continue growing.

Beatport remains at the cutting-edge of technology.

Since their inception in 2004, the company has always offered new and exciting features for its users. With the boom in NFTs and metaverse in 2021, Beatport dove in head first. 

In December 2021, they launched a cheaper version of Beatport LINK for $9.99. It gives users access to more than 9 million tracks, use of their DJ web application, and mobile app.

At the beginning of 2022, they partnered with legendary DJ and producer deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin’s PIXELYNX company for a generative NFT series called “Synth Heads.”

These active partnerships and collaborations with companies who are at the forefront of their industries shows Beatport’s ongoing efforts to provide evolving opportunities for their users and artists.

How do I get my music on Beatport?

To get your music distributed to Beatport you will need to work with a music distributor (like Jamvana), so you’re in the right place! 

Even though Beatport operates slightly differently than other DSPs, it’s still very simple to distribute your music to their platform, and your music can be on their platform in only 3-5 business days. 

Jamvana will provide you with all of the necessary tools to quickly and easily get your music onto Beatport. We have a 99% playlist pitching success rate. Once your music is available, Jamvana will actively pitch your music every week to maximize your success.  

But pitching isn’t the only part of a marketing strategy. Release strategies can be very comprehensive, and playlist pitching should be supplemental to the entire plan. Before pitching your music, it’s best to have it uploaded and scheduled for distribution at least three weeks prior to the release date. This will maximize your opportunity for playlist placement success with the DSPs.

Artist Ondamike came in at #9 for the best-selling artist on Beatport in 2021, according to Beatportal. Sitting alongside him is superstar DJ and producer David Guetta, John Summit, Vintage Culture, and CamelPhat, among others.

“I’m thankful to be a part of Beatport’s journey throughout the years. I still get excited seeing my songs chart and played worldwide by other DJs, and a big part of that is Beatport. But without a great partner like Jamvana to help pitch releases and secure placements, and help with support when we need it, we wouldn’t be heard on the platform. Jamvana is a great label manager. Period! You get the support needed so we can focus on our brand.” – Ondamike

Beatport is exclusive to EDM, but there are quite a few genres. 

The most popular genres on the platform are techno, tech house, and house music, but there are a plethora of other niche EDM genres available, too, like jackin’ house or breakbeats.

Beatport genre categories

There are also Beatport-only curated genres. This means that music distribution companies can’t distribute music to those genres. The Beatport team has to tag them for curation. An example of a Beatport-only curated genre is Bass/Club.

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