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Your Skype Call is Siri’s Command

The following post comes from Skype’s blog.


Today, we’re excited to announce the release of Skype 6.25 for iPhone and iPad. This update takes the best new features of iOS 10 and integrates them into the Skype experience. Check out what’s new below and download the latest version of Skype today.

Your Skype call is Siri’s command 

With iOS 10 and SiriKit, calling someone on Skype is as simple as using the same voice commands you’re already using. Let’s say you’re trying to call Lucy Archer on Skype.  If you have her Skype contact information saved in your iOS device, simply say “Call Lucy Archer.”  Siri may ask for you to confirm it has the right contact—one click later and your Skype call is initiated!

Skype for iPhoneWe’re also extending this SiriKit functionality to our Skype for Business iOS apps in October, giving business users the same easy access using Siri commands.

Seamlessly integrated Skype contact information

Your Skype contacts are closer than ever now that you can store them right in your iOS device. This means it’s easier to initiate a Skype video call, audio call, or even a Skype IM, without having to go into the app first.

Skype for iPhoneAdditionally, because Skype takes advantage of CallKit within iOS 10, incoming Skype calls will now show up just like regular calls. This will make it easy to switch between or answer Skype and regular calls using the built-in iOS functionality you are already used to. Starting in October, we’re also extending this CallKit functionality to our Skype for Business iOS apps, giving business users the same great calling experience.

Skype for iPhoneTo get access to all of these features on iOS 10, download the latest version of Skype today! As always, you can get the latest news and tips by finding us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as on the Skype Community. We look forward to hearing your feedback!

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