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Watch the Trailer for Zac Efron’s New EDM Movie, ‘We Are Your Friends’

Hot on the heels of Eden’s latest preview comes the official trailer of yet another dance music-focused film, We Are Your Friends. This all-American outing, though, looks nothing likeEden‘s journey back to the halcyon days of French house.

Sounding out with that Justice vs. Simian track you knew to expect, the three-minute trailer lays out the story of a young promoter and aspiring Los Angeles DJ named Cole Carter, played by Zac Efron. All he needs to achieve his dreams, Efron’s character says, is “a laptop, a talent, and one track – and that one track is your ticket to everything.”

The rest is a blur through the requisite EDM lifestyle shots – mansion pool parties with models, hands in the air and fist-pumping to blaring main stage beats, etc. – paired with Hollywood drama, as Efron’s character is taken under the wing of a DJ mentor to navigate a new world, where, as the official film summary puts it, he must choose between “love, loyalty, and the future he is destined for.”

Watch the trailer for We Are Your Friends below before it hits theaters on August 28.






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