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Watch Deadmau5 Confuse and Annoy a Lot of Gamers With a Surprise Set

Over the weekend, millions of gamers turned their attention to the KeyArena Center in Seattle, where the international tournament for multiplayer game Dota 2 was going down. After US team Evil Geniuses was announced as the TI5 winner (earning a cool $6.6 million prize in the process), a surprise musical guest stepped up to close the show: none other than internet fire-starter Joel ‘Deadmau5’ Zimmerman. What could possibly go wrong?

Last year, the Dota 2 massive got an after-party set from living meme Darude, who dutifully delivered a “Sandstorm” finale. As it turned out, Deadmau5 was a riskier proposition in an arena full of gamers.

Judging by the stream of discussion on Twitter and Reddit, his short set of original productions like “Avaritia” and “Ghosts N Stuff” failed to ignite the onlookers – and you can certainly see evidence of that in the segment from the broadcast below. (The live stream audience was estimated to be in the millions.)

Determined as ever to get the last laugh, Zimmerman gleefully threw in Avicii’s “Levels” as a closer, before abruptly calling it short and making a exit. In the not-very-convinced words of the announcer, “OK…thank you very much to Deadmau5 for the concert.”

After his eyebrow-raiser inside the KeyArena Center, Zimmerman carried on to play the TI5 after party for a far more intimate crowd. According to Twitter, he “enjoyed that one a lot more.” Marvel at the awkwardness below.

[Photo by Rukes]


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