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Watch A-Trak Showcase ‘Real DJing’ in His Latest Scratch Routine

For the last three years, A-Trak has been dropping #RealDJing knowledge with his Short Cuts video series, where he shows off the turntablism skills that have earned him multiple world championships. This week, he’s back with the eighth episode and a live remix of one of today’s dance power-duos.

“This is what I do with 2 turntables and a Jack Ü song,” the Fool’s Gold co-founder Tweeted upon sharing the video. As he said earlier this year, “DJing is all about taking risks,” and he’s putting it out there by re-working Skrillex and Diplo’s “Beats Knockin” on the fly, doing more in nearly three minutes than what some DJs do in an hour’s worth of hitting the decks. Watch it below – and fellow DJs, take heed to A-Trak’s closing statement: “So if you feelin’ like number one, get ready to be number two, ‘cause we back – Fool’s Gold.”

He’s not lying, either: the collective’s ‘Day Off’ party series returns this summer, starting on August 29 on Los Angeles. Following that, A-Trak and crew head to Atlanta, Brooklyn, Miami and Austin throughout September. Lineups and tickets are reportedly coming soon.

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