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Spotify Singles: 1 Billion Streams (And Counting)

This post comes from Spotify’s newsroom.

At Spotify, we realized that helping you discover new music wasn’t enough: We wanted to have a hand in the creation of the next great hit. That’s why we created Spotify Singles, as a nod to the good ‘ol days of 45’s, b-sides, and CD singles. Recording these tracks also opens up the opportunity for artists from across genres to join us in our uniquely inspiring Studio to record a new take on one of their top songs, as well as a cover by their own favorite musician or group.

Now, in under two years, we have hours of exclusive content from 185 (and counting!) of your favorite artists that you can’t hear anywhere else. And thanks to you, those 380 singles have been streamed, collectively, one billion times.

That’s pretty impressive from our point of view—but we’ll let the numbers speak for themselves.

Spotify Singles by the Numbers

Listen as your favorite artists perform their Spotify Singles recordings in the Complete Spotify Singles playlist.

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