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Spotify Releases New Gaming Category

This announcement comes from Spotify’s blog.


Curated playlists and your favorite game soundtracks all in one place. Check out www.spotify.com/gaming and create your own personalized Gaming Playlist.

In search for an upbeat track that gets you ready for an all-out gaming session? Or something mellower for carefully out maneuvering your friends with some new surprising tactics? Then we’ve got some news that will be sure to uplevel the way you play.

Gaming Anthems

Starting today, we’re giving you all of your favorite gaming music and soundtracks – all housed in a single category. Find curated playlists like Power Gaming, RetroWave and Top Gaming Tracks as well as hundreds of gaming titles, covering everything from nostalgic 80’s mono tunes to the hottest new releases such as No Man’s Sky, Fallout 4 and Uncharted 4 – and we’re only just getting started. Also included are exclusively curated guest playlists by gaming profiles like Day[9] and Sneaky Zebra, and even more to come.

We have also launched www.spotify.com/gaming to help you create your own personalized gaming playlist giving you the ability to easily browse through all of Spotify’s gaming content alphabetically.

So whether you’re jumping down tubes as an Italian plumber, battling hordes of evil enemies or playing Barcelona at the Camp Nou, we got you covered with the perfect soundtrack.

The new Gaming Category will be available in Browse across all platforms, including iOS, Android, desktop and PlayStation, starting today.

It’s time to #PlayYourWay!

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