Spotify Launches New Original Series “Drawn & Recorded”

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What inspired Kurt Cobain to write Smells Like Teen Spirit? How did Louis Armstrong make then Vice President, Richard Nixon, his drug mule? Find out in Spotify’s latest all-new original animated series.

Today, Spotify is launching its newest original series, Drawn & Recorded, featuring Academy Award winner and 13-time Grammy®-Award winning producer, artist and songwriter, T Bone Burnett. Drawn & Recorded drops the needle on legendary stories, often never before told, from the history of popular music — sometimes hilarious, occasionally tragic, but always compelling.

The 10-episode series will be available on Spotify via mobile and desktop in the US, UK, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.

Through fantastical animation, set to the evocative narration of Burnett, viewers will journey along as the series reveals how Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister got the best of his former bandmates who tried to betray him and see rapper ODB recast as a superhero/guardian angel and much, much more.

Drawn & Recorded is animated by Drew Christie, partly written by music journalist and producer Bill Flanagan, and produced by former head of MTV/VH1 and CMT, Van Toffler, under new digital content studio Gunpowder & Sky.

Below are episode descriptions of Drawn & Recorded:

Blind Willie Johnson: Blind Willie in Space – Blind Willie Johnson saw only darkness, darkness that he poured into music, the blues.  Blind Willie Johnson lived a tragic life and died a young man.  But at least one of Blind Willie’s recordings will live on forever… voyaging through the darkness of space. Into eternity.

ODB: Ol’ Dirty Hero – He might have been a ‘bastard’ to many, but to one little girl in Brooklyn, Ol’ Dirty, was nothing short of a superhero, a guardian angel in grills.

Kurt Cobain: Teen Spirit – Find out how the scent of a woman inspired Kurt Cobain to write an anthem for the ages.

Louis Armstrong: Satchmo & Nixon – How did jazz legend, Louis Armstrong, make then-Vice President Richard Nixon his drug mule?

The Allman Brothers: Foot Shootin’ Party – With a little help from brother, Duane, Gregg Allman takes aim at an unpopular war but ends up shooting himself in the foot… literally.

Rolling Stones & Brian Jones: Death By Water  – Brian Jones founded The Rolling Stones.  But once fame and fortune visited upon the group, Brian had trouble keeping his head above water.  Mick Jagger threw his friend and bandmate a lifeline.  But could Brian Jones reach it?

Motorhead: Lemmy’s Revenge – A mutton-chopped bike-riding speed-freak is hell-bent on revenge.  Motorhead is on the move… and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

Neil Young & Rick James: neil Young’s First Supergroup – The Vietnam-era draft broke up one of rock and roll’s ultimate odd couples though after the split each would go on to become an icon in his own right.

Merle Haggard: The Lonesome Fugitive – When Johnny Cash played San Quentin, he inspired a prisoner in the audience… and another country legend was born.

T.I. & Creed: The Angel T.I. – When Creed frontman, Scott Stapp, fell hard, the rapper, T.I., grew wings and saved his life.

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