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Sound Like Madeon With the Adventure Machine Music-Maker

There may be many fans of dance music, but not all possess the technological know-how when it actually comes to producing it. Thankfully, Madeon’s made it so we’re able to at least fake it like we made it with his new Adventure Machine.

The program, which you can find on his website, comes loaded with pre-made samples from his forthcoming debut album Adventure ­– have your pick of various percussion patterns, basslines, and synths that, when all put together, can make you sound like the French wunderkind (Or at least somewhat close, anyway).

“It’s really easy and fun and all i’ve been doing for the past two hours basically,” Madeon explained on Facebook recently. “We’re gonna be adding new samples soon too.”

For the real thing, however, you’ll have to wait until March 30, when Adventure drops with a full offering of Madeon originals, from cuts like “Imperium” and “Home” to collaborations with Passion Pit and Foster The People frontman Mark Foster.

Play with Madeon’s Adventure Machine here.

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