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Pandora changes the game and buys Ticketfly

Pandora has been taking steps to make their company more profitable over the last year. With the recent purchase of Next Big Sound to help users with listener insights and trends and now with Ticket giant, Ticketfly.com. Both companies announced the purchase today for $450 million, with a combination of cash and stock. Pandora has seen great engagement with advertisements for ticket sales recently and in effort to boost their revenue, purchasing a ticketing service makes sense for their expansion.

Ticketfly works with over 1200 venues and had over 16 million ticket sales in 2014 alone. Ticketfly is no new comer to the ticket game but has enough experience and ambition to compete with smart ticket services. With Pandora’s AMP already allowing artists to view audience information and create artist audio messages to directly interact with fans, now they’ll be able to offer them Tickets for their upcoming shows too. This move aligns Pandora to directly compete with fellow streaming service, Spotify and their ticket recommendation platform and partners.

Source: Pandora

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