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Jamvana offers hassle-free music services that make it easy for you to sell music online with a wide variety of artist and label services. Jamvana’s services directly connect musicians to major music retailers and give up and coming artists and labels the chance to get their songs out to their fans quicker and easier. Jamvana also specializes in creation.

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Organization, respect, and loyalty will take you far in the music industry

The music industry can be a grueling industry. There’s no doubt that artists, labels, managers, publicists, and other industry professionals run into hardships, what seem to be unobtainable feats, and mishaps every now and then. That’s okay. They will live and learn from their mistakes, as we all do. It’s how these issues are handled is what speaks volumes about them, their brand, and their career(s). Jamvana is here to present you some issues that we’ve come into contact with over the years and how artists, managers, and labels alike can avoid them in the future.

First and foremost, being organized and having all of the “ducks in a row” is one of the most vital features a music industry professional can acquire and utilize. Having all social media profiles, press kit, pictures, etc., compiled into one place and ready to go says a lot about a brand. Furthermore, keeping the contacts that have been made over the months and years is crucial. We generally keep them in a Microsoft Excel or Google Sheet spreadsheet.

In a day and age with companies like Amazon, Uber, and OpenTable, people are swiftly getting acquainted with the instantaneous gratification of receiving something immediately. A product can be ordered on Amazon and it will be sitting on the client’s front doorstep within 48 hours. While this is an incredibly handy feature, this doesn’t pertain to the music industry at all, and consumers, especially artists, need to learn this. At Jamvana, an attitude or demand will not be tolerated. We’ve seen this far too many times, even in larger artists, and it’s rude, disrespectful, and harmful to your career.

On the flip side of the negative instant gratification coin, loyalty is a trait that will provide artists with far more opportunities than one who is disrespectful. If an artist is always a pleasure to work with, fun, optimistic, and genuinely shows interest in our lives, then they’re going see remarkable results. This is most certainly the case with the artists that we work with on a daily basis.

We’ve provided some do’s and don’ts for artists, managers, labels, and industry professionals alike to take into account when they’re working with Jamvana and other industry professionals.

Do have an email template with a friendly greeting. For example, “Hi, John. I hope you had a great weekend.” or “Hi, Susie. How’s your work week going?” or “Hi, Jake. How was your brother’s wedding last weekend?” The latter is a greeting one could utilize if they’ve worked with the person for awhile now.

Don’t start an email off with a demand. For example, “What’s wrong with my Spotify URL? Fix it!” or “I want my song out next week, not in two weeks. Change it!” or “Get my song in five Spotify playlists by the end of the week.” There’s a simple answer to the former questions that I’m sure anybody could answer quite easily: Would I be excited to answer an email with an opening like that?

Do learn basic grammar. Formulating a sentence is third grade knowledge; therefore, it’s pertinent that artists, managers, and labels should be utilizing this knowledge to communicate effectively. It says a lot when one can and can’t formulate basic sentences.

Don’t use text talk in an email. “It’s gr8 to c that ur learning how 2 spell. Lol.” Save the text talk for… texts.

Do provide pertinent, necessary information when explaining a problem. In order for Jamvana to be as efficient and effective as possible, it is so important that all necessary information is provided to provide a resolution.

Don’t over inform. Be short, sweet, cut to the chase…respectfully, and stay on topic. For example, “The artist I’m working with has a song that’s coming out on Spinnin’ Records next year that features David Guetta. I really like the song and have shared it with my family and friends. They like it too. We’re having troubles logging into MDS to upload it, though.” The first few sentences contain far too much unnecessary information and are irrelevant.

Do have all of your information, including social media profiles, lined up. Place them in a text or Word document or bookmark them so they can easily be found and sent off when needed. This will save time from having to go to SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook, and any other social media accounts all of the time to grab the URLs. When composing a press release, always include social media links.

Don’t make someone dig for an artist’s social media accounts. Jamvana has better things to do than compile this information for an artist, manager, or label. Sharing them with whomever may require them–especially journalists–is pertinent if one wants their project prioritized.

Do be mindful of the time of day and other people’s schedules. Believe it or not, we’ve received calls (to our personal cell phones) at eight o’clock at night on a Saturday with people demanding answers to their questions that they emailed an hour prior to calling. There’s a time for these types of questions: during business hours.

Don’t manipulate or request pity. A release that’s late and won’t come out on time because an artist has neglected their time is not anyone else’s fault but theirs. Accidents happen, yes, but music industry professionals need to learn that time is of the essence when it comes to releases and scheduling. There’s a lot that goes into a release, so it’s important that, again, all of the ducks are in a row.

We at Jamvana could write an entire book on the topic of respect. We have so much fun with our clients and continually look for bigger and better ways our software, programs, and team can help artists and labels growing their numbers. However, if an artist, manager, or label doesn’t have respect, then this will absolutely hinder the rate at which their numbers will grow.

What’re some other tips and tricks that you use to showcase respect?

Article by Lennon Cihak.

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