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Listen: Matthew Herbert Delivers a Must-Hear Essential Mix

This week on the long-running UK radio show, Pete Tong called on an old friend and a true musical maverick, Matthew Herbert, to take the Essential Mix controls. With a new dance-ready album The Shakes out now, the multi-talented producer, composer, filmmaker and big band leader switched into DJ mode for two free-flowing hours.

Over his 120 minutes, the UK-based polymath presented a far-reaching, 32-track selection of eclectic house, bleepy techno, electronica and beyond, featuring the likes of Paul Johnson, Mr. Oizo, Axel Boman, Matrixxman and more. As you’d expect, there’s also plenty of Herbert’s own music woven into the mix, including the enchanting “Middle,” “Grab That Bottle” and a new Merz remix of “Silence.”

“I’m doing a festival this weekend so I had to prerecord this,” he explained at the show’s opening. “In fact, I did have an audience who was our pet tortoise. She came out of her hutch, sat there watched me for two hours and didn’t move a muscle. [Laughs] I’m really hoping that tortoises aren’t the target audience for this…anyway, I hope you like it. I had fun doing it. You can all try it at home with your own tortoise and see what they think of it.”

Listen back to Matthew Herbert’s Essential Mix below or link over to the website now.

Matthew Herbert – Essential Mix 2015-07-11 by Core News Uploads on Mixcloud

Matthew Herbert’s Essential Mix tracklist

1. Demonstration – Hope Demo
2. Nick Holder – Singing Da Blues
3. SKMK – I Know Your Head
4. Francis Harris – Lostfound (Matthew Herbert’s Let Yourself Go Remix)
5. Matthew Herbert – I Hadn’t Known I Only Heard
6. Matthew Herbert – Middle
7. Maribou State & Pedestrian – The Clown (Axel Boman Remix)
8. Frits Wentink – Glints
9. Housemeister – Level
10. Frankie – Scandal
11. Frankie – Grabuge
12. Matrixxman – System Blackout
13. In Flagranti – Dope As Sh*t
14. Matthew Herbert – Grab That Bottle
15. Matias Aguayo – Bay A Sali Bolando
16. [unknown] – Untitled
17. Manaré – The Riddle
18. Paul Johnson – Ride Me Baby
19. Osborne – Bout Ready To Jak
20. Alter Ego – Exile On Bleep Street
21. Mr. Oizo – Tweeter Damage
22. Matias Aguayo – El Volcanico
23. ZDS – Bang Ze Box
24. Matte Blakk – Wise Guys With Ray Guns
25. Housemeister – Work This
26. ZZT – Syzztem700 Bonus Beats
27. Jon Convex – Feel Nothing
28. Source Direct – Black Rose (Blawan Remix)
29. Gonzo – Lost
30. Wishmountain – Radio
31. Snow Ghosts – Secret Garden (Matthew Herbert’s Wash It All Away Remix)
32. Matthew Herbert – Silence (Merz Remix)

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