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James Zabiela Shows How its Done in New Hour-Long Mix

In a welcome surprise for fans, James Zabiela has kicked off a new mix series on SoundCloud called ‘Quantinuity.’ In a note posted to his Facebook page, the Born Electric head reasons “it’s been nearly 2 years since I feel I uploaded any kind of ‘meaningful’ mix to my SoundCloud.”

The series will ultimately be made up of four parts, the first of which you can hear below. Dipping into various genres from dub techno to electronica to house, and alternating between light and darker tones, ‘Quantinuity’ is a reminder of just how masterful a DJ Zabiela is.

As he writes: “Without giving over importance to this ‘DJ Mix’ (I’ve hardly re-invented the wheel), some parts of it have been well laboured over, layered with various sounds and thoughts. Whilst other bits are just left alone and ‘super-glued’. Whatever I felt was appropriate.”

Those looking to see the mix maestro in action can do so in London and Australia later this year, when he’ll be hitting a series of dates throughout April. Fans in Los Angeles can see him much sooner, as he hits Avalon Hollywood this weekend for Valentine’s Day. Listen to the first edition of ‘Quantinuity’ below, where you’ll also find the full tracklist.


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