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iTunes Pricing Tier Information & FAQ

We often get asked what determines the price of a song or album on iTunes and why some territories are so different from others. Prices are left up to Apple’s discretion however we thought we’d shed some light on some additional information and give you the entire pricing tables for all major countries iTunes is available in for music and videos.

Commonly asked questions.

Do I need to choose a price tier to offer music on the iTunes Store?

No, you don’t need to choose a price tier for music content. If you don’t choose a price tier, we’ll use the default price tier instead.

Content Type    Default Tier

Album               Mid/Front

Song                  Mid

Music Video     Mid

Do I need to choose a certain album price tier for a song single?

No, choose any album price tier, and we will automatically price your single at the song price tier.

What is the retail price for each price tier? (Music)

You can view the pricing tiers here for all countries. Apple establishes retail prices for each price tier in each territory at its sole discretion.

You can choose one of three price tiers for music videos.

For example, in the U.S., the price tiers and associated prices are:

Back ($0.70)

Mid ($1.05)

Front ($1.40)

View all the tiers here.


Be sure to check out the entire tier pricing guide right here: bit.ly/FulliTunesTiers

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