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Is Grooveshark Really Back?

As anyone in the scene knows, Grooveshark shut its doors at the end of April 2015 with a seemingly heart-felt letter still remaining on the domain.  Grooveshark goes on to say, “As part of a settlement agreement with the major record companies, we have agreed to cease operations immediately, wipe clean all of the record companies’ copyrighted works and hand over ownership of this website, our mobile apps and intellectual property, including our patents and copyrights.”

To us at Jamvana, it sounds like something they complied to after the lawsuit and paying out a $50 million settlement, which was actually a fraction of the $736 million they could have been hit with.  However an alias, ‘Shark’ claiming to be a Grooveshark ex-employee, sent out multiple emails to a number of sites with news of the controversial music platform coming back to life.  He went on to say that he had known Grooveshark’s days were numbered and that he had started backing up the sites content weeks before the RIAA showed up knocking on their door.  Alas, Grooveshark.io was born and at first appeared to be pretty legit.  Upon further inspection it was clear that there were several similarities, but the often used community features were gone and the library was a far cry from the OG Grooveshark.  It then became apparent that Grooveshark and Mp3juices.se had identical sections on their sites, and searches conducted for any song, artist, or term came back with the same results, in order.  Meaning they are either the same exact site, or they use the same search engine.

While Grooveshark.io was short-lived, another supposed ‘ex-employee’ has emerged with a little more to say.  This time he sent an entire manifesto to Digitalmusicnews.com stating, “I’m one of the guys who went down in flames at grooveshark – you probably know my name and I’m in the legal papers but I’m not gonna provide anything more than that.”  Gs_forever goes on to basically say that since Grooveshark didn’t line the major labels’ pockets, they were shut down as the real crooks at Spotify and YouTube are allowed to continue.  He continues to rant about how Grooveshark was treated like criminals but all they really did was help artists, then slams  by name, and then asked if the music industry is happy now.  He finishes by claiming he has made a problem 10 times worse than before, that artists lose again, and just so he can be 100% clear:  GROOVESHARK WILL NEVER DIE!

Well, the name itself may not die as they can probably continue to change domains to .se, .li, .jv, etc. for as long as whoever is out there trying to keep it alive.  But as we know, the real Grooveshark was forced to give up everything they had to the major labels.  Even if they did have some tricks up their sleeves or content they managed to hide, we highly doubt it would be enough to be significant or that they would be stupid enough to continue to use the Grooveshark name skinned over an existing, poorly built mp3 search engine.  The bottom line is, the major labels took out a little guy that got too big, and had Grooveshark just crossed their T’s and dotted their I’s initially, they may have been able to contend.  In the end, no matter how many copy cats host their name, it’s official:  R.I.P. Grooveshark, you had a good run.

By Jamvana Mike

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