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100 Piano Improvisations by Liam Pitcher

The bold new multi-album classical piano release from South Africa’s Liam Pitcher & celebrated producer and composer Patric Van Blerk.

South African classical pianist Liam Pitcher has teamed up with award winning producer and Cape Town Sound’s Patric van Blerk to release Improvisations, an eleven-album collection of original piano compositions currently slated for the first of October 2019. Pitcher and Van Blerk began giving birth to the groundbreaking behemoth Improvisations on January 28, 2019 when Van Blerk, a celebrated composer and pianist himself, first saw a video of Pitcher improvising during extra studio time recording Baxter Theatre Sessions. The clip led to this ten album collection along with the Best of Improvisations.

Pitcher experiences the gift of synesthesia, a sensory condition enabling him to see colors through sound. A graduate of the University of Cape Town with a degree in music, his discography includes Session at The Baxter Theatre (2019) and Stories Without Images.

Best of Improvisations is only available to classic music press before its release globally with the complete release is available upon request.

Liam Pitcher – Composer & Pianist on all music contained within the eleven albums that comprise Improvisations Vol.I through X and the Best of Of Improvisations collection.

Patric Van Blerk – Producer,  Cape Town Sound Studios & /woowi Digital

Sergio Gino Trout – Music Programmer & Nicole Visser – Administrative support at Cape Town Sound Studios

All album artwork and layout designed by Amber Pitcher

Recorded at Cape Town Sound Studios, Cape Town, South Africa.

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