How to Read Your Beatport Royalty Statements With Jamvana

How to read Beatport royalties with Jamvana

Beatport is one of the premiere digital service providers for dance producers and DJs. They have hundreds of thousands of active DJs and tens of millions of visitors every year, so there are a lot of reasons you should distribute your music to them.

Beatport operates a little differently from other service providers like Spotify and Apple Music. Instead, DJs purchase individual tracks for $1.50 – $2, which generates royalties for the copyright holders of the tracks. This is similar to how iTunes works. 

How do you know how much revenue you’re generating on Beatport? 

In this post, we’ll show you exactly how you can access your Beatport daily sales in Jamvana. 

1. In your Music Distribution System (MDS) account, click on “Beatport Sale” and select the dates that you want to see. Then click the “Filter” button. 

2. From here, you’ll have the option to filter from releases, tracks, and labels. 

4. Once the reports are generated, they will post under your Reports tab under “Balance History” with the breakdowns from Beatport, top release, artist, and territories. 

How Jamvana handles your royalties (including Beatport)

Jamvana provides the most transparent royalty reports in the industry. Within MDS, we provide daily trend reports and sales reports for all service providers and we’re continuously adding more. Currently, we have access to Beatport, iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon’s API. 

Timing for reports and timing on trends

The timing is the music cycle of time it takes for the DSP to report back to distributors. If you release a track on January 1st, it will take an entire month for the report to end. Once the reporting cycle has ended it takes an additional 20-45 days for the DSPs to report to the distributors. The full report for the track, EP, or album that you released in January will appear in your account in March. 

The timing on trends reports is similar to your sales reports, less the credit card chargebacks, voided transactions, and refunds that accrue with the DSP. These specific reports will show you how your music is trending on each DSP, but it could change depending on the information above.


Your money report is all of the revenue you’ve made after the deductions, voids, chargebacks, refunds. This balance is then transferred into your account for you to cash out. All sales activity, including refunds, will be reflected in this report.

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