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Hear Skrillex’s Favorite DJ Mix Right Now

Whether he’s playing out artists in his headlining sets, giving them a release on his OWSLA label, championing them in his latest edition of ‘Skrillex Selects’ or almost letting slip their identity to the world, the man otherwise known as Sonny Moore is always providing a massive platform for the previously unknown.

Late last week, he shared on Twitter his “fave mix right now” by GRRL, a relatively new North Carolina producer who, like Skrillex, enjoys the art of curating as much as he does making music: “I’m on Soundcloud all the time,” he told Nest HQ. “I don’t know how I find a lot of people, I just look for stuff.”

When asked on his thoughts on current music trends, he replied, “I think right now in 2015 people are more open to really different and weird sounds, and not being so stuck on thinking about a specific genre,” and that largely sums up his mix. The 35-minute session is an upbeat blend of genres and rising artists, such as Toxe, Victoria Kim, Fluke Nukes and Margaret Antwood, plus a handful of original tracks from GRRL himself. Get into it below.

Seiho – Collapse
TOXE – offence
Samename – IJC 2015
YNGN & Korma – Ascension (Sans Bells)
Glot – Avarice V1
Copout – Further
Remixed by Victoria Kim for Vivid Live 2015, at Sydney Opera House
Masters at Work – Work (MM Refixxx)
GRRL – Go Up [Forthcoming Car Crash Set, August 7th ]
Headstone – Gun Club
Nobel – Club Bandit
P.O.L. Style – Saw (Neana Remix)
Ducky – I’m Not A Player I Just… (Margaret Antwood Remix)
Eloq x Torjus x Hi Tom – Princess Riddim
Fluke Nukes – Touch
GRRL – Arrows (Instrumental)
GRRL – Jungle Level

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