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Hear Boys Noize Cover 10 Years of BNR in One Hour-Long Mix

The ‘Year of Noize’ has proven very fruitful for Boysnoize Records fans, who’ve been gifted hours and hours of new, never-before-heard material and numerous chances to see the label’s stars throwing down on the club and festival circuit.

After touching down for some intimate parties during Miami Music Week, Alex Ridha and his band of brothers are continuing their tour through over 21 cities worldwide, about to hit New York, Barcelona and San Francisco before ending it all at Womb in Tokyo this August.

Now, the German label head has pulled out some highlight tracks from his full decade of label successes for an hour-long Mixmag Session. Listen to the screeching, high-voltage sound of BS1’s “The Acid is in the Music,” along with lightning-bolt tracks by Spank Rock, Tiga, SCNTST, Cardopusher and Shadow Dancer and remixes from Brodinski, Strip Steve and Chambray.

Check out the session and full tracklisting below, and don’t miss the Boysnoize Records 10-year anniversary tour as it dips down in your city.


1. Jan Driver “Peaker”
2. BS1 “The Acid Is In The Music”
3. Joakim & Krikor “Azid”
4. Baskerville & Just Regular Guys “The Release”
5. Spank Rock “Gully”
6. Boys Noize & Tiga “808 IRAQ”
7. D.I.M. “Meta Glitch”
8. Knox “Well” (Strip Steve Warehouse Mix)
9. Stephane 1993 “Saffron Smoke”
10. Pilo “Projectile”
11. RYME “Time To Bump”
12. Boys Noize & Atom TM “Openn”
13. Madame “Shuffle” (Chambray Remix)
14. I-Rbotos “Frau” (Pandullo vs Und Remix)
15. SCNTST “Globus”
16. Jensen Interceptor “Symptoms”
17. D.I.M. “Is You” (Brodisnki Remix)
18. Cardopusher “FNKTN”
19. Atix “Drop Zone”
20. SCNTST “Gruv”
21. Shadow Dancer “Parallax”

By Nikki Volpicelli

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