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HMP Lancaster Castle in the UK joins a 19th century sea fort, a mental asylum, and even a tiny private island as one of the more creative venues we’ve come across.

Lancaster Castle is also perhaps the oldest “weird venue” we’re aware of, built in the 11th century with parts dating back to Roman times. Most interesting of all though, is the fact that it functioned as a prison until as recently as 2011, and the fixtures and fittings are all still in place. The DJ plays at one end of the wing–hence why the parties are called A Wing–while clubbers pack into the landings and walkways. It’s certainly a quirky and interesting concept, and upcoming events include Hospitality, the night run by drum & bass label Hospital Records on Oct. 30, and a hometown appearance from house duo Bondax and friends on Oct. 31.

Clubbers won’t have to worry about annoying Her Majesty though–some reports suggest the prison was sold to The Queen, but the reality is the venue is now owned by the Crown Estate, a collection of properties held in trust for the nation. Tickets are on sale now through the A Wing website and are likely to sell out fast, so make sure you get down in time for lockdown.

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