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Fretboard Brewing Company is ready to release the funk! In partnership with Bootsy Collins and the Bootsy Collins Foundation, the Cincinnati, Ohio based brewery will debut their collaborative ‘Bootsy’ Brewski IPA on August 16th as part of Fretboard’s inaugural Over The Top Festival. The idea of working with a musical icon (who happens to call Cincy home) was the idea of owner, Joe Sierra. It was only right that a music-centric brewery attempt to partner with the biggest name in music that our proud city has ever known. Joe approached Patti Collins and Bootsy’s daughter Nicole, at the Bootsy Collins Foundation, in hopes of working together to create a product that not only felt fresh, exciting and indicative of Bootsy’s brand but also helped raise awareness and funds for his community-driven foundation which aims to inspire, educate, and enrich the lives of individuals from all backgrounds. Fretboard will donate a portion of all Bootsy beer sales to the Bootsy Collins Foundation.

Listen to Bootsy Brewski Boogie here.

As soon as Bootsy was on board, the Fretboard brew masters (Brad Plank & Kevin Moreland) got to work on a Brut IPA recipe they felt would represent the bright and colorful aspects of Bootsy’s character, by way of a champagne mouth feel and citrus-forward hops, while making sure the beer hits hard like a mean Bootsy bass line – so the alcohol percentage needed to be 7%. While experimenting with this recipe, Fretboard submitted it in the U.S. Open Beer Championship in which it took home Gold in the Brut IPA category! This news only made both sides of the collaboration even more excited to release a beer that everyone will love.

Listen to This Is Bootsy Collins playlist by Spotify here.

In true collaboration fashion, Bootsy was given the naming rights. With such a recognizable moniker, we stuck to our guns on the name – but the fun curve ball came with the beer style. Rather than calling this beer a Brut IPA, we are marketing it as a ‘Brewski’ IPA, named for the mispronunciation of ‘Bootsy’ by one of his fans while on a trip in Germany years ago. The nickname has stuck with him and always brings a smile to a face that is all smiles.

Bootsy himself will be on hand for the ceremonial tapping of his beer on August 16th at Fretboard, with local distribution in the Cincinnati market beginning August 19th. Look for the funk popping up all over Ohio soon after!

Mission of the Bootsy Collins Foundation:

To inspire, educate, and enrich the lives of individuals from all backgrounds. The Bootsy Collins Foundation recognized internationally, serves to educate, provide, and communicate music through the culture of the region or nation from which it comes. We at BCF are determined to grow with the times while bringing the good old times back into our future. Our youth need more reliable and respectable platforms to demonstrate their creative energies as the musical process continues to unfold; so that they can look forward to their future and have fun while in the process.

Website: bootsycollinsfoundation.org

About Fretboard:

Brews in Tune. Located at 5800 Creek Road, Cincinnati, Fretboard Brewing Company is truly a prideful part of the community that beats to the sound of its own drum. With over a dozen unique beers on tap, 3,500 square feet of taproom space, weekly live music, BBQ, and private rental spaces for large events and even band rehearsals – it’s a safe bet for a good time just north of downtown Cincinnati.

Website: fretboardbrewing.com

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