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Frankie Bones Drops a New Mix on The Armory Podcast

You always have to be a student of the game. Always. I have been a great follower of the Armory Podcast so when it became time to actually do one, there was a lot to think about. Decades of history place me as a “Techno” DJ. But most people who actually collect the history of DJ culture already know, Breaks have always been a part of my history. Now my first impulse was to play cool guy and go collect the hottest breaks I could find and pretend that I could hang with anyone who came before or after me. I’m humbled.

I can’t do that. Some of Iva’s mixes have totally blown my socks off. I’ve watched Stanton Warriors Punks label become the Metalheadz of this breaks genre. Then I hear someone like D-Bridge do a slower 130 BPM track, and it’s unfuckablewith. That’s not a word, but it should be.

So where does that put me with this episode? Bonesbreaks. It’s a series of vinyl which started many, many years ago as a concept in 1987, and went on to multiple volumes around a dozen, and were the first breakbeat records that fused “House” together when nobody did that. It’s great to reminisce, but to me it always has been a sum of all parts. So if 2000 Saturday Nights have passed and nobody cared to listen until this Saturday Night, Welcome to the future, my reality.

The tracks here are from the new Bonesbreaks Volumes. 14, 15, 16, 17. They are more recent then the first. I don’t have to copy anyone else’s style in Breaks. I don’t want to. You hold down your lane. I’m going to stay in mine. I’ve been driving this way for a long time. I’ve been able to update what I have been doing without losing the original flavor.

It’s quite interesting to hear newer styles built off the original analog method I always used. Everything is as it was. Just cleaner and more dynamic. Tons of crafty drums and samples, not Ableton or TRAKTOR and stem packs. It’s more 80’s Hip Hop by design, then Trap or Dubstep. But that is where it gets interesting, because we are out with the old and in with the new, yet maybe timeless, maybe not. It’s subjective, so I will leave it up to you.


Peace, Love, Unity & Respect to all,
Frankie Bones

Track List
1. Electropoliss
2. I Want The People To Know
3. Stomp Your Feet
4. Funky Acid Makossa (Loves The Acid Redux)
5. Techno Dot
6. Just The Way You Like It (Breaks)
7. When The Bass Drops
8. Come Closer
9. The Bridge* – MC Shan (Boiler Room Edit)
10. Behind The Curtain
11. Vamp And Clear
12. Imperial Highway
13. Long Train Running

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