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Frankie Bones Brings Bonesbreaks Back to Life with Volume 17

There’s no time like 2016 for a DJ as influential to early techno as Frankie Bones to revive one of his celebrated album series. The Brooklyn DJ/producer has released Bonesbreaks Volume 17 – the first edition of the album series since Bonesbreaks 2000.

Frankie Bones’ career as a DJ and producer spans over three decades – back before breaks was called breaks, and songs with syncopated drum patterns were simply filed under “hardcore” or “techno.” In the past month or so he’s been re-releasing the first several editions of the Bonesbreaks series on Beatport through his new label, Bangin Music, and after the first couple volumes found their way to #1 on the top breaks releases chart he’s punctuated them with the release of the new edition.

Read the full article on & listen to the release on Magnetic Magazine.


Article Credit: Magnetic Magazine

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