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Forbes Crowns Familiar Kings Of Cash In Highest Paid DJs 2015

Calvin Harris (pictured) proved once again that he makes nearly twice as much as every other DJ on Earth by topping Forbes’ “Electronic Cash Kings” highest paid DJs list for the third year in a row.

Earning a grand total of $66 million over the past year, Calvin can credit everything from his collabs with names like Dillon Francis or Disciples to his ability to rock the no-pants look, and he’s even detailing it all in a forthcoming biography called Calvin Harris: The $100 Million DJ.

Meanwhile, further down money mountain, 2015 saw David Guetta come in at #2, however still earning little more than half of Harris at $37 million. Skrillex and Steve Aoki jumped to tie at #4 behind Tiesto at #3, which he was able to secure all for himself after last year’s tie with Avicii, who dropped a couple levels. Martin Garrix and Diplo broke into the 11-name list, tying with Zedd at #8 and deadmau5 at #11, respectively. Otherwise, it’s basically the same lineup as last year and a reminder of how little electronic music’s A-list has changed since capturing North American pop culture in 2012.

1. Calvin Harris: $66 million
2. David Guetta: $37 million
3. Tiesto: $36 million
4. Skrillex, Steve Aoki: $24 million (Tie)
6. Avicii: $19 million
7. Kaskade: $18 million
8. Martin Garrix, Zedd: $17 million (Tie)
10. Afrojack: $16 million
11. Deadmau5, Diplo: $15 million (Tie)

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