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Ferry Corsten’s uplifting, melody-focused Gouryella alias started life in the late 90s as a collaboration with Tiësto, making a strong first impression with the self-titled first release “Gouryella.” After Tiësto departed the duo, the project continued for a short time with Dutch producer John Ewbank. Now, after a 13-year hiatus, Corsten has revived Gouryella for 2015, starting with the release of a new track “Anahera” in June on his own Flashover Recordings. The next step: a series of to-be-announced live shows under the name.

“Throughout my career, wherever I’ve played in the world, one question that continues to crop up from the fans is when I am going to bring Gouryella back,” Corsten writes in a statement. “I’ve always loved the musical qualities that make up the Gouryella sound, and in the time when so much trance is swaying too far to EDM, I want to bring big melodies back to a scene I’ve spent my entire career championing.”

While we don’t yet know the dates for the Gouryella live show, you can assume there’ll be some 2016 festivals on the itinerary. If Armin van Buuren’s A State of Trance arena returns to Miami’s Ultra Music Festival, this feels like something you’d see there. For now, there’s a lot of love for the announcement going down on Corsten’s official Facebook page. As one fan has simply put it, “This is very serious.”

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