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Breaking: Target “Has Absolutely No Plans to Stop Selling Music”

The IFPI just announced a Friday global album release day. Music Week recently reported that Target would consider dropping music instead of paying to make the switch. This isn’t the case.

In a statement to Digital Music News a Target spokesperson said:


Target completely supports the music industry’s efforts to fight piracy and we are aligned on having one global release date.

Target has absolutely no plans to stop selling music in our stores or on Target.com.

Music has long been an important part of Target’s brand and we have a history of collaborating with world-class musicians across a variety of genres. A recent example of this is our collaboration with Imagine Dragons. Through this partnership, Target brought music fans #moremusic by delivering a live performance during a commercial break of this year’s Grammy Awards. In addition, Target is the only place music fans can get their hands on four bonus tracks from the band’s new album, “Smoke + Mirrors.” Previous partnerships with artists including Justin Timberlake, Shakira, Taylor Swift and Coldplay have resulted in unparalleled experiences and access to these artists – and there will be more to come.


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