Are your Artist profiles getting messy with your Distributor?

Are you having issues with your Distributor not getting back to you on your Artist Profiles with Spotify? Are they going to the incorrect artist profile? Are they saying it’s an issue on their end or putting the blame on the service? None of that is true! Here at, Jamvana, we pride ourselves on our technology to ensure your delivering your releases to the correct artist account.

It’s also very easy to add your profile when you sign up to, Jamvana. Here are the steps.

  1. Provide your Spotify Artist Link
  2. Verify it’s your correct page.
  3. Save your profile on your dashbaord
  4. Select your Artist name and voilà

If you are a new artist, no worries, we have you covered! You can create an account on your dashboard and we’ll ensure your new profile will be assigned for your future releases. We also encourage every user to sign up to Spotify for Artist.

What is that?

Spotify for Artists is the free tool that gives artists, labels, and distributors the data they need from Spotify by providing streaming stats to understand performance across their entire catalog.

So what are you waiting for? Stop getting treated like a statistic from the volume distributors and get more hands-on treatment with us!

Contact info@jamvana.com to set up a call today!

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