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Jamvana offers hassle-free music services that make it easy for you to sell music online with a wide variety of artist and label services. Jamvana’s services directly connect musicians to major music retailers and give up and coming artists and labels the chance to get their songs out to their fans quicker and easier. Jamvana also specializes in creation.

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Apple Music Playlists: Are they important?

Everyone’s talking about how and why Spotify and its playlists are so important, but nobody really discusses the importance of Apple Music’s playlists. Why is that? Is it a trend? Apple has been in the digital music industry for a good amount of years before Spotify came along. Spotify’s active users is double than that of Apple Music’s users (Business Insider, 2017). Apple has many more product users (who doesn’t have an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Apple TV?), which means that its audience is much larger. However, unlike Spotify, it’s not available on as many platforms as Spotify is. Apple Music was launched in the middle of 2015, so Spotify did get a head start. Unlike Apple, Spotify won’t be here forever; they don’t have extraordinarily successful products like Apple. That doesn’t mean they won’t eventually have them, but Apple already has the quality, money, and reputation. Apple’s not going anywhere anytime soon. This is why Apple Music playlists are important

Apple is staying put. 

It’s true. The technology giant isn’t going anywhere. The company and brand is instantly recognizable, and they’re known for releasing quality content. A small but solid percentage of the world’s population owns some kind of Apple device. As the company continues to innovate, they’re going to continue paving the way and bettering their services, including Apple Music. 

Apple Music is far from perfect. Spotify has simplified and made its user interface incredibly intuitive, which is why they’ve been so successful. Consumers want an application where they can turn on some music and continue what they were doing. Additionally, artists want the flexibility of creating and maintaining their profile on the platform, and Spotify did just that by releasing their Spotify for Artists application. 

You must maintain a consistent brand. 

Maintaining a brand and image across online (and in person!) is vital. Believe it or not, people are typing your name into Google; therefore, you must have a consistent image across the internet. For example, posting your music on Twitter and Facebook but having a YouTube channel where you’re doing something completely irrelevant is harmful to your image and possibly your sales, as there’s no consistency. People get a different image of you and your music, and that may or may not be beneficial to your music and its sales.

You can brand yourself on Apple Music just like you can on Spotify. Not sure how? You’re in luck because Jamvana can help you get your profile picture, banner, biography, and music on Apple Music so you can begin building and growing the music brand you deserve. 

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